If you ask around, you will hear firsthand how good our food is here at The Grove. We spend a great deal of time planning all the menus, testing and selecting the best food choices, and making items available that promote healthy choices.

Our food service is run by us. We do not farm out to an outside group. We hire our own chef and kitchen staff.

We get most of our produce from a local market just down the road, not off a food service truck.

Our menus appeal to many needs including those with special dietary restrictions.

At The Grove we take our guests’ nutrition seriously and know that a well fueled body makes a happy camper. Therefore, we provide nutritious and healthy meals for our campers, guests, and staff to enjoy. Fresh fruit daily, salad options at lunch and dinner, and home-cooked meals are prepared three times daily.

All meals are served at our historic Plaza Dining Hall, Evergreen Room or Fireside Room but other options are available for special occasions or events. Picnic lunches are available for those who want to eat down at the river or at another location on our property.


Would you like to learn more about food preparation, menu planning or how we cater to special dietary needs? Do you have have a special request for your upcoming event or meeting? Contact us today and we'll get all your food service related questions answered.