Ways to Give

The Grove operates as a non-profit organization and depends on the generosity of our donors to keep The Grove vital and thriving. There are so many ways that you can contribute to The Grove to make a difference in the lives of not just the campers who enjoy our camp and retreat center year round but also friends and family who love The Grove and want to see it thrive for generations to come.

General Donation

Your general donation will go where the need is highest to operate The Grove. Your unrestricted donation makes a huge difference, and our campers thank you!

Donate in Someone’s Honor

Many choose to honor the memory, accomplishment, birthday, or other special event of a loved one by donating to The Grove in their name. We can send a card to the namesake of your generous donation informing them that you (or an anonymous donor) have donated in their name.

Support Camper Scholarships

Every year, The Grove seeks donations for our Camper Scholarship Fund that provides scholarships to kids in need who would have no way to experience the fun and excitement of camp without it. Please consider helping us to meet our goal of $30,000 this year.

Capital Campaign

Donations to our Capital Campaign support maintenance and improvements for existing structures, and help fund needed new buildings.  Presently we are raising funds for the following projects:

  • Replacement of 25 cabins with 13 woodland style cabins (4 person), and 12 bunkhouses (8+ person)

  • Addition of a men’s and a women’s bathroom to the My Hood Pavilion

  • Construction of a new Indoor Recreation Center/Gymnasium

  • Renovation of the west wing of our historic Plaza Lodge

  • Renovation of our Fireside and Evergreen meeting rooms

Learn more about the projects on our To Do List below, and donate to help make them a reality.


Give Via Check, Save Us 3%.

When receiving online donations, The Grove incurs a credit card fee of 3%. If you can, save us this fee by sending in your contribution via check made out to Jump-In NW stating Donation in the memo line. Send your check to:

Jump-In NW
7501 S. Knights Bridge Road, Canby, OR 97013.

Your Donation is Deductible.

The Grove is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our Federal EIN is 27-1620953. All donations are 100% tax-deductible within the United States. We automatically provide an email receipt for every donation, and a hard-copy receipt sent in the post mail for any donation over $250. To request a hard-copy receipt for any donation amount under $250, please email Angie Weyer at: angiew@jump-in.org

To Do List:

For more information on any of the following projects, please contact Dana Shaffer at dana@jump-in.org.


Mt. Hood Pavilion   

Built in 1961, The Mt. Hood Pavilion is a year round meeting and event facility conveniently located between Canby Grove’s two lodges (The Riverfront Lodge and the Plaza Lodge) and adjacent to the River Walk Cabins and campfire area. The octagonal shaped building is 76 feet in diameter, with large arch roof supports and seats up to 450 people.  The facility is equipped with a large west facing stage, two 60’ mounted television screens a complete sound system with an elevated mixing board station and a large wood burning fireplace.

The Challenge

The Mt. Hood Pavilion, although architecturally beautiful and easily adaptable for many uses has no bathroom facilities. This means that guests using the building must use the facilities located in the adjacent Riverfront Lodge or those located on east campground adjacent to the Plaza Dining Hall.

The Plan

Our vision is to add men’s and women’s bathrooms to the Pavilion, connected to the meeting room by an interior hallway constructed on the northwestern exterior side of the building. Building design for the project as well as feasibility study and architectural plans will be executed by award winning architect Keith Hoelscher who has experience in camp and conference center design, having worked on the CYO/Camp Howard Master Building and Renovation Plan. Once the plans are completed and funding raised, the construction is estimated to take six weeks.


The Plaza Lodge

Originally built in the 1940s, the historical Plaza Lodge guest rooms, meeting rooms, kitchen and Dining Hall have seen a number of renovations over the years. In 1958, the Plaza was “winterized.” A cordwood-size fireplace was built in the Dining Hall, heating was added and exterior stairs were installed at each end of the building.  The 1960’s saw the addition of the Fireside Room (a comfortable lounge and meeting area with a large fireplace) and the Evergreen Room (a multi-purpose room often used for additional or private dining space).  With 26 guest rooms and four full community bathrooms (2 men’s and 2 women’s), the Plaza offers guest easy year round access to the downstairs facility without having to leave the building.

The Challenge

While the Plaza’s kitchen and Dining Hall and fourteen east wing guest rooms and bathrooms have benefited from renovation over the last five years, the twelve west wing guest rooms and two bathrooms and the Fireside Meeting Room have not seen any meaningful renovation since the 1960s. A complete makeover of both guest rooms and bathrooms is necessary, in order for Canby Grove to begin renting these facilities to guest groups once again. This includes replacement of old carpeting in the rooms and hallways with wood laminate floors, replacing old doors and windows, replacing door and window trim, replacing floor moldings, replacing all room furnishings and painting. Both bathrooms require a complete renovation including floors, counter tops, trim, moldings, shower stalls, toilets and new fixtures and lighting.

The Fireside Room is also in need of a renovation including wall, ceiling and window treatments and new carpeting. This room is an important component in our meeting room lineup as it not only offers a cozy environment for small to medium sized groups but provides easy interior access to the Dining Hall, Evergreen Room and upstairs guest rooms. Finally, our renovation plan calls for tearing out the wall between our main Dining Hall and our extension dining facility, the Evergreen Room, replacing it with a sliding barn door which would give us the option of expanding the size of the main Dinning Hall for large groups while maintaining the ability to close the door for the separation of smaller groups.

The Plan

Because the desired work on the Plaza Lodge is a renovation project, The Grove will contract with several different contractors and designers for each phase of the remodel, including:

  • Floors, trim, molding, guest room and bathroom fixtures and painting

  • Windows and doors

  • Guest room furniture and accessories

  • Carpeting in the Fireside Room

  • Barn door for the Evergreen Room

Contractors will be selected based on skill, reputation and price.

Riverwalk Bunk House Group.jpg

Cabin Replacement

The first eleven guest cabins were constructed on the Canby Grove site in 1956. They were of wood frame construction and could accommodate between four and eight campers depending on the cabin’s bed configuration. There were no bathrooms in the cabins but each cabin had three windows to let the sunlight in and an elevated front deck to relax on. Ten more cabins of similar construction were added in 1957 and ten more in 1958. A series of newer cabins were constructed in the 1990s. They were in addition to and not replacements for the original cabins of the 1950s.

The Challenge

Over the course of many faithful years of use, the oldest cabins on the grounds began to show their age. Repairs were made as needed but over time it became more costly to maintain these cabins.  Finally, in the 1990s many were closed to guests and used for storage or just retired altogether. Twenty-five of these cabins are now un-rentable.

The Plan

Canby Grove desires to tear down these old cabins and replace them with new cabins equipped with bathrooms that can be used year round. Doing so would allow us to accommodate an additional 150+ guests at any given time. With the popularity of “Tiny Houses” growing, there are a number of affordable pre-built options to choose from. Phase I calls for the replacement of 12 cabins in our Woodland “A” section with 12 bunkhouses. This will enable us to expand our housing facilities for our year round guests as well as our visiting Outdoor School camps.


New Indoor Recreational Center

Having been built in the beginning as a summer camp and retreat center, The Grove never contemplated an indoor recreational facility in its original design nor in its early expansion plans.  With the completion of the Mt. Hood Pavilion in 1960 the facility opened its doors to year round events but was limited in its overnight capacity to the 26 guest rooms in the Plaza Lodge. With the construction of the Riverfront Lodge in the early 1990s, and the addition of 37 lodge style rooms, each with full bath, The Grove was finally positioned to expand into a year round conference and retreat center. Now in 2018, equipped with outstanding guest accommodations and meeting facilities, The Grove is looking to construct an indoor Recreation Center/Gymnasium on the west side of its property; an amenity very much sought after by off-season guests in the rainy Pacific Northwest.

The Challenge

In the early 2000s, the Alliance Church had a vision to build an indoor gym, but plans were never finalized and the property was sold to its current owners in 2012.  With other conference centers in western Oregon offering indoor recreational facilities, and many guest groups insisting on this amenity, the time is now for The Grove to build its own Recreation Center/Gymnasium. In determining what to build, our research has shown us that several features appear to be universally popular. They include:

  • 1 full size basketball court

  • 4 volleyball courts

  • Men’s and Women’s dressing rooms and showers

  • Indoor sports equipment

  • Spectator seating

  • Recreation room with pool tables, foosball and ping pong tables

  • Meeting/Lounge facility with observation deck

  • The ability to divide the gym into two or more sections (via curtain)

  • Coin-operated laundry facilities

The Plan

Like the Mt. Hood Pavilion project, building design for this project as well as feasibility study and architectural plans will be executed by award winning architect Keith Hoelscher who has experience in camp and conference center design having worked on the CYO/Camp Howard.  Once plans have been finalized and funding raised, construction will take approximately twelve weeks to complete.