Our History

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Bringing New Life to a Rich Legacy

Canby Grove was founded in 1928 by the Christian Missionary Alliance, and began a journey bringing life and growth to many. Since the days of A.W. Tozer speaking and preaching in the Tabernacle (pictured above), thousands of people have found Salvation in Jesus Christ and been baptized here in the beautiful Molalla River.

A news article, dated 1928, hangs on our dining room wall speaking of the purchase of this property and the selection of Canby, OR. due to its location "still being in the after glow of a huge revival" 50 years prior that drew tens of thousands of people to canby.

In 2016, a woman celebrated her 100th birthday and returned to the Grove where  she recounted her time here as a child. Stories where shared of her father building a small cabin for their summer retreats and of revival that broke out among the youth, causing the kids to weep in repentance for days.


Throughout the 90 years of Canby Grove,  several ownerships, denominations and directors have run and operated business on this property. Although this campground is no longer owned by a specific denomination, we continue to operate Canby Grove with the vision, dreams and prayers of the original owners summed up in one statement "To know Christ and make Him known." Although we are founded on Christian principles and continue to operate in that vision we also open our campground to non-religious organizations to enjoy restful and productive get aways and business meetings.

Renewing the Old

In 2010 we began a journey to repair and restore Canby Grove to a place of beauty and relaxation. We have undertaken many projects including power infrastructure, roof repairs, buildings and foundations. Beatification has been a key component involving painting, wonderful fire pit gathering places, areas for relaxation, pool area updates, cabin updates, and remodeling existing rooms and bathroom renovations. The journey continues with a long wish list of big ideas to enhance the camp experience. We are able to do these upgrades and new builds only through generous donations and grants. Look for new projects to be added to the Grove in future years as we receive these funds.